It could be a ding from a road hazard or a side-swipe from a car in your blind spot, but dents and scrapes are inevitable with city driving. When the unexpected occurs, Phoenix-area drivers can keep their Subaru, Volvo, or Porsche road-ready and looking like new with a few at-home repairs.

As most drivers know, dents can appear anywhere on your vehicle. However, drivers can typically find dents where your vehicle is more likely to impact other vehicles or road hazards: Your front and rear bumpers. These areas experience dings and impacts to keep you and your passengers safe. There are occasions where you and your passengers are in a hurry and you ding your door when you open it into another vehicle. There are a variety of dents that could occur on your vehicle and each one takes a different approach to repair it.

What Do You Need to Repair a Dent?

Let’s approach this from where you are most likely to see a dent: your bumper. How you would fix a dent depends on what your bumper is made out of. Plastic and fiberglass repair kits are available to help you repair dents at home. But if you’re in need of a quicker fix, items that you can find at your house can do the job:

  • Heat gun or hair dryer (a hair dryer is usually safer to make your dent area more pliable).
  • A Jack
  • Jack stands
  • Long pry bar or crowbar
  • Safety glasses
  • Work gloves

Drivers can raise the vehicle with the jack stand to help you reach the dent more easily by removing the splash guard. Next, you can warm up the damaged area with a heat gun or hair dryers until the dent becomes flexible. Be sure to follow the proper safety precautions when using a heat gun.

Once the dent is flexible, you can use the pry bar to push the dent out from the inside. The crowbar allows you to have more pressure when forcing the dent to pop out. Push the dent out evenly by focusing the pressure on the deepest part of the dent.

Arizona drivers in the Phoenix area don’t have to resort to duck-tape or stick with a bumper that isn’t in the best state to keep you and your passengers safe. At Autobahn Collision, we have the tools, parts, and accessories to keep your family Subaru or premium Volvo and Porsche looking great and road-ready.

For bigger collisions, drivers can rely on our full-service collision repair process to restore their current model. Drivers can contact or visit us today to speak with our Service technicians about our collision repair process for Subaru, Porsche, and Volvo vehicles in addition to Ford, Chevy, and Toyota. When you need bigger auto work done, drivers can rely on our factory-trained dealership staff at Autobahn Collision for your diverse garage looking great as you take on your Phoenix commute or interstate driving.

Get started today by scheduling a quote for your specific repair needs. At Autobahn Collision, we work with our drivers individually to accommodate your vehicle repairs. Receive a quote by scheduling an appointment with our online form. Simply supply your necessary contact information, any services needed, and desired appointment time. That’s it! Come in to our Chandler repair shop for simple and comprehensive auto-repairs in the Phoenix area.

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