An unexpected accident can be a hectic occurrence and throw you immediately into a frenzy. That's why it's important to know your post-accident fundamentals so that you can handle the stress with ease. Explore our 10-steps to follow after an accident and the process can be much smoother.1399 × 514??

  1. Remove Yourself from Danger (if possible)
    A car accident can occur anywhere from a country road to a busy highway, that's why it's important to get yourself to a safe area after the accident. If the area is safe and you're uninjured, navigate your vehicle out of the way of traffic and other motorists. If you're unable to move your vehicle, make sure you turn on your hazard lights to alert drivers of your presence.
  2. Get Out of Your Automobile
    If you're not already at a stop, bring your vehicle to a complete and safe stop. Put your car in park, set your emergency brake, and turn off the engine. Once you've taken a moment to collect yourself and check that it's safe, exit your car. At this point it's a good idea to set road flares or other road safety items if you have them.
  3. Speak to Other Parties Involved
    If you're in an accident and other people are involved, be sure to check on the drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. If someone is hurt or injured, call 911 immediately to get them medical attention.
  4. Call the Police to the Scene
    Whether you're in a minor accident or a vehicle is totaled, a police report can be valuable when dealing with insurance companies. Cooperate with the authorities, but avoid claiming fault or blaming others at the scene. This gives the officers the chance to objectively determine if there is any party at fault.
    If an office can't make it to the scene, you can file a report at your local police department or the DMV.
  5. Collect Information from Others Involved
    • Driver and passenger names
    • License plate numbers
    • Insurance information
    • Makes/models of automobiles involved
    • Eyewitnesses contact information
    • Accident Location
    • Name/badge number of responding police officers.
  6. Documentation
    If you have a smartphone, collect photos of the scene including area, vehicles, plates, damage, etc.
  7. Call Insurance and File a Claim
    Filing a claim can be a headache, here at Autobahn Collision we help drivers file their claims without a hiccup. Our team of insurance experts can help facilitate the claims process with your insurance company taking the stress out of the situation.
  8. Get Your Vehicle to the Repair Facility
    Bring your vehicle to Autobahn Collision, if it's drivable you can drop it off, or you can have it towed to our facility.
  9. Setup a Rental Vehicle
    During the repair process you'll need to have a vehicle that you can drive. If you have rental coverage through your insurance company they can provide you with a rental vehicle for the repair time, if not our team can help you find a rental vehicle suited to your life.
  10. Trust the Pros at Autobahn Collision
    With years of automotive collision repair experience, our certified auto technicians will get you vehicle back to looking and performing like new. During this process, you can trust our innovative repair process and certified team to handle every challenge and deliver a finished product you'll love to drive. Throughout this time, all you have to worry about is getting back to your regular life, spending time with your family, and relaxing after this stressful time.
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