When it comes to the long-lasting value and pristine condition of your luxury Porsche model, it takes a professional group of technicians who have not only the state-of-the-art tools but the experience as well as attention to detail to cater to your vehicle's needs. Whether you have a minor dent or scratch, or you were recently involved in a fender bender accident in the areas of Chandler, our expert mechanics know just what it takes to bring your car or SUV's appearance back to life, and when it comes to your Porsche investment, we know just what to do!

The Special Nature of the Porsche Body Repair Process

For decades, the Porsche car maker has produced innovative lightweight body designs for sports and luxury car enthusiasts worldwide. The calculated and selective materials used to construct the Porsche brand has given the sleek and sporty performance of Porsche, on top of it's innovative and superior exterior looks.

The sporty style of a Porsche is the face of the brand and reconditioning a damaged Porsche body the right way is essential to your driving lifestyle as well as the resale value. But a Porsche is unlike most cars on today's roads and highways, and if there is damage to be corrected, it takes a particular team of mechanics to go about it the right way, and it takes precision.

The Importance of Using a Expert Body Shop

The way a Porsche body is constructed, is with the use of multiple materials such as lightweight steel, aluminum, and carbon. Obviously, with such a range of body materials, a normal run-of-the-mill body shop doesn’t have what it takes to repair a Porsche model without leaving signs of a mechanic's touch. That's why if your Porsche model requires body repair or touch up; it is wise to bring your vehicle into a Porsche Approved Collision Center.

Since most of the body components and various materials of your Porsche model cannot be fixed by the technique of welding, a more in-depth, re-construction measure is taken and can be a challenge to the inexperienced technician. It takes high-levels of attention to detail, measuring, and the process of bonding and riveting when it comes to reconstructing or repairing a Porsche Body, and luckily for Porsche owners in Chandler, Autobahn Collision is qualified for the job!

Schedule Professional Body Repair for your Porsche Model Today!

Our service team goes above and beyond the call of action when it comes to body repair for your luxury vehicle and we are committed to returning your vehicle to its original condition, like the day you drove it off the lot! We work at a timely and professional rate so that your vehicle receives the care and attention it needs, and with our combined years of experience and expertise, we will resurface your vehicle or reconstruct it to like-new condition!

If your Porsche model requires a professional touch from a team of service experts, schedule with our service center today by calling (480)786.1000, and we'll fit your vehicle into our schedule. You can also visit our centrally located repair shop at 2555 E. Willis Road in Chandler, AZ for all your body repair needs. Our doors are open to you Monday through Saturday, so stop by and speak with one of our advisors on your car needs, and we'll get your Porsche model taken care of. We look forward to serving you and we'll see you soon!

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