Sometimes it can be hard to know when to use your insurance to pay for damages. It's required by law that drivers must pay for any accident they cause. With this in mind, there are two options: either pay out of pocket yourself or file an insurance claim. So, how do drivers know when they should pay out of pocket versus using your insurance claim and having to pay your deductible? Depending on your auto insurance and your deductible, a solid rule to follow is: to file a claim if the damages are more than $1,000. Something that should be kept in mind before you reach for an insurance claim is your claim history (as your premiums could increase).

Insurance Premiums

Most often, one insurance claim per year is enough to keep your premiums from increasing. If you become too frequent an insurance user, your agency might bump you to a "high risk" driver (filing multiple claims within a years' time). Depending on whose fault the collisions were, multiple claims within a year could drastically increase your premium.

Accidents Involving Other Drivers

It's vital that drivers consider filing an insurance claim if any other individuals were involved in the accident. Your insurance's capabilities are dependent on the report accuracy you provide. The more speedy and accurate your report, the speedier your insurance will respond with appropriate actions. Meaning, you may limit your insurance company's ability to cover your accident if you don't report the accident in an accurate and speedy manner.

Selecting an Auto Shop to Repair your Vehicle- The Autobahn Collision Experience

Whether you're thinking of selecting Autobahn Collision as your repair shop of choice or not, stop by our operations today for a free estimate! If you decide to go with our team of seasoned professionals, we'll put your vehicle through a thorough nine step repair process. Starting with a free estimate and moving to insurance approval, to disassembly & parts order, to structural repair, to body repair, to paint, to vehicle reassembly, to detailing, and ending with a final inspection & delivery, our team provides trusted, top-notch service for drivers in the Phoenix area and beyond.

Autobahn Collision, Located in Chandler, AZ

With a massive 30,000 square foot facility equipped with the latest in state-of-the art automotive collision and cosmetic restoration technology at our disposal, we're ready to assist drivers in the Phoenix area! Our team of I-CAR and ASE certified technicians are ready to put their skills to use! From laser-guided welding equipment to AmeriCure down-draft paint booths, we have the latest tech to bring your vehicle back to like-new condition! This work is covered through a lifetime warranty, so you can rest easy knowing the quality of our work is backed up!

Insurance Claims

Seeing as we're a repair facility, you might have guessed that we deal with a lot of insurance companies - well, if you didn't, you now know that we do. Our team of experienced professionals deal with a range of insurance companies on a near daily basis. We’ve come to build many relationships with some insurance companies due to our multi-year interaction with them. Rest easy that our team doesn't just know what they're doing, they're highly specialized in their jobs, too! Once your claim is cleared, we'll deal with nearly all the hassle. Stop by our repair facility or call us if you have any questions regarding insurance claims, premiums, or our repair facility capabilities!

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