Ensuring your bumper is in great condition is key to ensuring your safety on the road. Beyond cosmetic, repairing your bumper means you and your passengers can ride comfortably with the full use of your headlights, vents, and other parts that rely on a properly functioning bumper. Repairing your bumper at-home can be simple if you have the right tools. From dents to bumper replacements, drivers can improve the look and functionality of their Subaru with these at-home and dealership repairs.

How to Repair a Dent at Home

From dings to deeper dents, your bumper can take a lot to protect you from collisions while on the road. Depending on whether your bumper is made out of plastic, rubber, or fiberglass, you can easily fix a dent at home. If your bumper is made from plastic or fiberglass, you can easily pop out a dent at home using everyday items around your house.

Equipped with a work gloves and safety glasses, drivers can use a jack, jack stand, a heat gun or hair dryer, and a long pry or crowbar to access and pop out your dents. Simply use the jack and jack stand to elevate your Subaru to give you easier access to remove the splash guard. Once removed, you can use the heat gun or hair dryer (hair dryers offer more safety than a heat gun that can achieve higher heat emissions) to make the dent more pliable. Then, use the pry or crowbar and push from the deepest point in the dent to ensure it gets pushed out evenly.

How to Repair Cracks in Your Subaru Bumper

Should your bumper get snagged on some road debris or experience a high-impact collision with a road hazard, drivers can repair cracks at home. Though repairing this type of damage is more labor-intensive and require more tools, drivers equipped with the right tools and protective safety gear can take on repairing cracks to your Subaru model.

You Will Need:

  • 1/4-inch burrowing tool
  • An air compressor
  • Angle grinder
  • A body filler of some sort
  • A drill for the burrowing tool
  • A dust mask
  • Jack and jack stands
  • Masking paper
  • Paint brush
  • Paint prep cleaner
  • Putty knife
  • Sand paper, at least 60 grit
  • Tape with moderate adhesion

Drivers can safely use these tools to lift and secure the vehicle and the clean the area and remove excess plastic. Once cleaned, drivers can sand the damaged area and then remove excess dust with a rag. Then, prepare the area with paint prep and grease remover.

Using a bumper repair kit, cut four to six pieces of fiberglass sheets a little larger than the affected area. Then apply your mixed catalyst and resin together with a paintbrush to the repaired area. After repairing the damaged area, sand the surface with 80 grit sandpaper and then 180 grit sandpaper to prep the area for priming. Apply three to five layers of primer, leaving each layer time to dry before adding the next layer. That’s it! All your bumper needs now is a paint job to complete the work.

When Your Vehicle Needs Larger Repairs

Whether you have the tools to perform an at-home repair or if your Subaru needs more complex attention, our expert Service technicians are factory-trained to handle your specific Subaru repairs. From repair the bumper on a Subaru Outback to replacing parts on an Impreza or WRX, Phoenix-area drivers can drive with confidence knowing that their Subaru is performing at factory standards.

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