One of the most inconvenient things that can happen to you as a driver is a busted windshield. The roads are unpredictable, and debris has a habit of flying around seemingly just because it wants to. You could be driving along as usual, and a rock suddenly strikes your windshield out of the blue. There’s nothing you did wrong, it just happened. But now you need to deal with it because even the smallest crack can turn into a big problem for you down the road.

Therefore, it’s important to get your vehicle into a collision center or body shop as soon as possible. Sure, it might be inconvenient to be without your car for a few days, but you’ll be without a car even longer if you procrastinate. There are a few DIY tricks online that you can look up and try for yourself, but they come with the risk of making the issue even worse.

For instance, when you look up how to fix a cloudy windshield, one of the ways suggested is to take a Brillo pad and lightly run it across the affected area. The problem with this is that Brillo pads contain steel wool and rubbing metal on glass has a high potential for equaling scratch marks on your windshield. Why solve one problem by creating another?

Suffice it to say; body shops don’t use steel wool to fix this sort of problem and can clear up the issue in just a matter of days for you, scratch-free. There’s a level of peace of mind that you get by leaving the job to a professional rather than convincing yourself that you can save a few bucks by doing it yourself.

In actuality, you don’t save any money doing this since Autobahn Collision is able to cover the costs of the windshield repair under your insurance. You can’t drive without insurance, and since you’re already paying for it, you might as well use it, right? If you think about, you’re just going to end up costing yourself more money by trying to save money in doing it yourself, so why not work within the money that’s already leaving your bank account to solve the problem?

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