People love driving their new Porsche 911 or Porsche Cayman, but what happens if you get into a bumper-to-bumper accident near Gilbert? If you recently purchased a new or used Porsche from the Santan Motorplex in Gilbert, AZ, our collision center is here for you at Autobahn Collision to help with any necessary bumper-to-bumper repairs and maintenance that your Porsche may need, even if it is just minor painting or detailing after an accident. We also carry the latest in genuine, up-to-spec Porsche repairs which are the most compatible for your luxury car.

However, we know some of you might be the more self-sufficient type who would rather fix your Porsche on your own. While we support your efforts and commend Arizona drivers for keeping their luxury car in great shape, let us walk you through some of the core concepts of repairs that can do into the front end on your Porsche. We will start with one of the simpler procedures and work our way up to other areas which may require professional assistance. If you have any questions, so not hesitate to reach out to Autobahn Collision Center online or over the phone; we are located at 2555 East Willis Road, just a short drive away from the Chandler Auto Mall and Santan Motorplex.

How Do I Replace a Porsche Headlight?

Apart from oil changes, replacing the headlights and bulbs on your Porsche is a relatively simple procedure. The Porsche Cayenne is a good example of what most Porsche models will look like, so let us use that as an example to give you a quick overview of the steps, in case you feel like changing your headlight bulbs yourself. You will need to order replacement bulbs and you will also need a smaller socket wrench and gloves.

  • Pop the hood and you will see the headlight access compartment clearly labeled over its plastic cover: open it and unscrew the small bolt in there using a socket wrench. Be careful not to crank it too tight so as not to damage the bolt.
  • Once the bolt is released, the entire headlight compartment can come out. This requires a bit of wriggling as the compartment is plugged into the vehicle itself. You will hear a click when it is fully unplugged, and the headlight should come free.
  • Once the compartment is loose, you will see the bulb access door held together by a metal hanger, simply move it down and take the compartment lid off to access the bulbs. There will also be smaller compartments with plastic/rubber covers which, when removed, give you access to the turn signal bulb/ daytime running light (DRL) bulb.
  • The bulbs will pop out and can be replaced fairly simply. It is important that, when you replace a bulb on one end, you replace the other one on the other side to prevent uneven lighting. If one headlight bulb is our, for example, you should assume that the other one is burnt out or fading and replace it as well.
  • Once the necessary bulbs are replaced, put the covers back on as you found them and push the headlight casing back in according to the guidelines on the bottom. Before you place it back in, check the connection port on the inside of the vehicle to ensure that there are no signs of corrosion.

Now, if you have owned your Porsche for a bit longer, you might notice that the glass on the window on the outside of the headlight is faded or cracked. If this is the case, you should order a new headlight from your area Porsche dealership in Gilbert, AZ.

Bumper Repair and Blending

When it comes to repairing the front bumper, if it is scratched or dented, the process our collision center uses involves buffing out the dents and re-applying a fresh coat of paint. After checking the paint to ensure it matches the color of your new or used Porsche, our technicians will mask areas which we do not want to be affected by overspray using a plastic film and specialized painters' tape; this usually involves covering seams, headlights, and other components. We sand the area of the repair, and the surrounding area to ensure that both are smooth, even, and that the paint job remains unnoticeable when the clear coat is applied. From there, it becomes a lot like repainting the wallpaper in your living room in that we apply a coat of primer, wait for it to dry, sand the affected area removing all excess shavings, and apply the base coat a couple of times, waiting for it to dry in-between takes. After the base coats are applied, the paint is left to dry before application of the clear-coat begins, which is also done in 3-4 coats. Once the clear coats are applied, the film is removed and then job is completed.

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A similar process of sanding and painting is used when repairing the front grilles as well, so it is more ideal that you take jobs such as these into our collision center, so our professionally-trained technicians get your Porsche back to its factory-grade shine. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with our collision center, be sure to schedule a service appointment and come see us here at Autobahn Collision in Gilbert, AZ to get your Porsche the repairs it deserves. Fender-benders and other accidents can be tough, but do not let that slow you down, come see us today!

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