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Less than forty minutes from Phoenix, Autobahn Collision located right in Chandler, AZ is ready to assist drivers from Chandler to Phoenix and beyond with all their repair needs! As you probably guessed, here at Autobahn Collision, our team of technical professionals knows the ins and outs of the repair world. This isn't your average repair shop, here at Autobahn Collision we have a 30,000 square-foot state of the art facility at our disposal. From cosmetic repairs to more in-depth, multi-step repairs, our team is ready to take care of nearly any repair or restoration process you might require. Each vehicle undergoes a nine-step process. Starting with a free repair estimate and ending with a final inspection and vehicle delivery, Autobahn Collision makes even the toughest repair jobs convenient for drivers from Chandler to Phoenix.

The Nine Step Collision Repair Process

  1. Free repair estimate- During this step our team of professionals assess the damage to your vehicle, carefully noting issues that will require attention/repair. It's important to note that the estimate is based purely on visible damage. If the estimate changes upon disassembly of the vehicle, the damage could increase the cost of the repair.
  2. Insurance approval- Once your free repair estimate is finished, we'll get in touch with your insurance company to land the best insurance claim available to you. Our team of seasoned professionals works with a long list of insurance professionals on a daily basis. Once we receive a claim from your insurance company, we'll take over.
  3. Disassembly & parts order- Our team of technical professionals carefully disassembles the exterior of your vehicle to check on the interior status of your vehicle. Our team takes note of possible interior repairs and creates a list of required parts to take care of your repair needs.
  4. Structural repair- During this step of the repair process, our team asses the frame and structural damage to your vehicle. We'll determine what does or doesn't require repair.
  5. Body repair- Differing from the structural repair step in that most body repair is purely cosmetic, the body repair step allows our team time to check out everything from cracked bumpers to scratches, bumps, and dings.
  6. Paint- As you might expect, this step deals with any re-painting that your vehicle might require after its various repairs. Whether it's completely rusted off or just has a few scratches, our team will use the latest paint technology to repaint your vehicle to a like-new state.
  7. Vehicle reassembly- After having identified the necessary broken parts, our team utilizes the replacement parts we ordered to reassemble your vehicle.
  8. Detailing- Ensuring the overall cohesiveness of your vehicle, the detailing process is the step that brings your vehicle into the like-new condition realm. From exterior polishing to sanding, to interior cleaning, upholstery, to wax, it's the final step in the physical repair process.
  9. Final inspection & vehicle delivery- In the final step of the collision repair profess, our team makes one final post-repair inspection of your vehicle to ensure proper functioning in all areas. Then, we deliver it right back to you! That's it!

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We've gone over the whole process! So, if you're thinking of visiting us from Phoenix, stop by our repair center conveniently located in Chandler, AZ. Let our team of repair professionals at least provide you with a free repair estimate so you can get an idea of the repair cost. It's all up to you, though! Stop by Autobahn Collision from Phoenix, AZ today!


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