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Our 9-Step Porsche Collision Repair Process Gets You Back On Your Feet & On the Road

The Porsche ownership experience isn't just about sleek looks, hot laps, and sophisticated luxury-it's also about owning a vehicle that brings you pride, that makes your eyes crack open a couple minutes before your alarm sounds in the morning. And a sports car like the Porsche 911 is the kind of vehicle that can do that, but not if it's out of commission.

No one wants to think about the 'What-ifs,' but if one of those 'What-ifs' becomes reality, we want drivers in the Phoenix, AZ area to know that the team here are Autobahn Collision has your back and we're here for you. If you're even in an accident, you won't have to get through it alone-Autobahn Collision is here for you. For a full description of the Porsche repair process, visit the linked page, or simply check out the overview below and get in contact with us using the information provided.

For many people, a car accident puts them at the worst, and that's where we come in, because this is where we're at our best. Your Porsche Cayenne SUV is an important part of your everyday, which is why we go to great lengths to repair it like-new and get it back into your driveway ASAP.

What Is the Porsche Repair Process Like?

A lot of drivers here in Chandler or the surrounding areas of Mesa or Tempe, AZ find the insurance claims process to be rather daunting, so you'll be glad to know that our professional front-end associates have a strong command of the insurance claims process and we happily work will all major insurance companies to get your claim processed, taking a little of the initial stress off your shoulders. Here's a quick rundown of how we handle a Porsche collision repair, from start to finish:

  • Free Repair Estimate: The first step in recovery is assessing the damage; during the course of our Free Repair Estimate, we'll be totally transparent with you, taking photos and documenting issues that we are able to see. These help us achieve the most accurate estimate possible.
  • Insurance Approval: Once you approve the estimates we'll send them to any involved insurance companies for approval. Of course, our team will keep you fully in the loop during this process so you find out ASAP when repair work can begin on your Porsche Macan SUV or Porsche Panamera Sedan.
  • Disassembly & Ordering Parts: Once we get the go-ahead from you and the insurance companies, our team gets to work taking apart all damaged components. Anytime we work on a Porsche car, crossover, or SUV, it's like we're working on our own vehicles, and we treat them that way, too. After fully removing all the damaged components and taking stock of what must be replaced and repairs, our team will order the necessary Porsche replacement parts to bring your vehicle back to its factory standards.
  • Structural Repairs: Once the replacement parts arrive, our team can start the rebuilding process. If there was structural damage during your accident, don't say your goodbyes just yet-our team will provide a full assessment to determine what needs to be replaced and re-welded, but we can do the work necessary to get your Porsche back to its structurally sound state, almost like the accident never even happened.
  • Body Repairs: If your collision resulted in body damage, we will assess and repair it with our state-of-the-art equipment. When you see your Porsche Macan again, it'll be so smooth and seamless you might have trouble remembering exactly where the damage even was!
  • Get That Paint Job Looking Fresh Again: A Porsche is all about the details, and so are we here at Autobahn Collision. Once the majority of your repair work is complete, we use our high-tech paint-matching equipment to find the exact right shade for your vehicle and we make the exterior coat look like it was just dipped in the factory.
  • Total Vehicle Reassembly: And this is the step where we put all the pieces back together again. The final reassembly brings everything together and back to Porsche factory specifications-as like-new as you can get without getting a new one.
  • Detailing Process: When you receive your vehicle after an accident, we want it to look as brand-spanking-new as possible, which is why our team performs a thorough detailing process after our repair work is done. We do what's necessary to get your Porsche Panamera back to its former glory, whether that's a deep clean, waxing, leather restoration, and more. Inside and out, we go over the details so that absolutely everything looks better than before the accident.
  • One Final Inspection, Then Vehicle Delivery: After our team puts the final touches on with the detailing process, we perform one last inspection to ensure all work was completed accurately, totally, and to our high standards. After that, we'll bring your Porsche out to you in the Phoenix area alone with a fully itemized list of repairs and, if there is one, the corresponding bill for services.
  • Then That's It. The Ordeal Is Over-Go Drive Your Porsche: After we deliver your vehicle, you can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing the car-related troubles from your accident are really and truly behind you.


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