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Subaru Collision Repair at Autobahn Collision Near Phoenix, AZ

Our Nine-Step Subaru Collision Restoration Process Allows You Focus On Recovery After an Accident While We Focus on Repair

Subaru drivers here in Chandler tend to have close relationships with their vehicles-after all, a Subaru is the perfect all-around vehicle for family driving, weekend escapes, and just generally exploring the greater Phoenix area with the class, reliability, and capability that come with the Subaru name. But when a collision stops your adventure in its tracks, we want Subaru drivers to know we're here for you.

At Autobahn Collision, we know the Subaru lineup inside and out, and we can feel the love Subaru owners have for their vehicles; that's why we bring a lot of love to our Subaru repair process, too. For many folks in the Tempe, AZ area, a car accident or collision will put you at your worst, and that's where we step in, because when you're at your worst, we'll be at our best.

We've detailed the Subaru Repair Process below so you can get a sense of exactly how our team approaches any collision repair job, and if you could use our professional services, just reach out to us using the contact information provided at the bottom of this page. And remember, while an accident itself can't be undone, your friends at Autobahn Collision can repair your Subaru back to like-new condition, so you can move forward from an accident with confidence.

What Kind of Subaru Repair Process Can I Expect?

After an accident, the last thing you want to have to do is keep track of insurance claim numbers, papers, receipts, and the scheduling of appropriate repairs-that's why our professional front-end team goes above and beyond to make sure your insurance claim is processed appropriately, fairly, and quickly. We have a strong working relationship with all major insurance companies, so take that stress of your shoulders and allow us handle it for you! While we take care of your insurance claims process, here's a rundown of what our team will be doing behind the scenes to ensure your Subaru Forester or Subaru Crosstrek is repaired to its former glory:

  1. We Start with a Free Estimate: Before we map out your road to repair, our team has to first assess the initial damage. We do this for free-just one of the ways we help you heal from a collision.
  3. Then We Get Your Approval & Your Insurance's Approval: Once we make our initial estimate, our team will send it to your insurance company. Let our team navigate the process on your behalf, keeping you fully in the loop, so you can focus on the hard emotional work of bouncing back after a crash. Once we get a claim approved by your insurance, we can begin the repair process in earnest.
  4. Next Our Team Begins the Disassembly Process & Order Replacement Parts: Before we can rebuild, we have to tear down. We treat your Subaru with the upmost care as we complete the disassembly process, proving you with total transparency along the way. Once we see what we're working with, we will place an order for the proper replacement parts.
  5. From There, We Take Care of Structural Repairs: With the teardown complete, we start to rebuild your Subaru from the bones up; the structural integrity of your vehicle is of the utmost importance, and even if your Subaru suffers frame damage, all is not lost; after we figure out what needs repaired, replaced, and welded, our team gets straight to work on the necessary repairs.
  6. Our Next Step Is Body Repairs: Once the bones are rebuilt, if there is body damage to be repaired, our team takes care of that at this step using a professional restoration process, ensuring a seamless product-heck, it might even look better than it did before the crash once we're done with it!
  7. Then We Get That Paint Job Looking Fresh & New: Of course, no rebuild is complete without a proper paint job. We put the finishing touches using a state-of-the-art color-matching machine, so you won't even notice where the old point job and new paint merge.
  8. Finally, Total Vehicle Reassembly: With everything looking its freshest in a new coat of paint, the team performs the final assembly.
  9. Nearly Finished, We Perform the Final Detailing Process: As a last step, our team goes through and professionally details your vehicle, performing a deep-clean of the interior, leather conditioning and washing, sealing the paintjob, waxing, and more-when you get your vehicle back, we want it to look, smell, and feel almost like new.
  10. After a Final Inspection, We Deliver Your Vehicle: When all the pieces are back in the puzzle, our team does one last inspection, checking each item from our list before we send it out for delivery. We will bring the vehicle to you, complete with a list of repairs and any remaining bills or paperwork.
  11. The Final Final Step Is Simply Moving On & Getting Back to Enjoying Your Subaru: With the pain and hardship of an accident really and truly behind you, once we drop off your repaired Subaru vehicle, the only thing left for you to do is get back to your pre-collision life, with your Subaru Outback or Subaru Impreza looking, feeling, and driving every bit as well as it did pre-collision, too. We're proud to be able to say, "That chapter is over," as Phoenix, AZ Subaru drivers turn a new page.
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