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A collision or car accident is usually the furthest thing from our minds, but when the unthinkable happens here in the Phoenix, AZ area, the most important thing is making sure everyone is safe. Thankfully the Volvo brand is renowned for its emphasis on safety, with a lineup full of high safety scores and critically acclaimed models like the Volvo XC90 or the Volvo S90. So, if you've been in a collision in your Volvo car, crossover, or SUV and you need the help of a professional collision center to help you get back on your feet, the team here at Autobahn Collision wants nothing more than to see you through this difficult period and get you back into your Volvo XC60 crossover like it was before the accident! Below is an overview of the process, but you're invited to learn more about our Volvo Repair Process here!

What Is the Volvo Repair Process at Autobahn Collision?

When you first get into an accident, things can happen so quickly it all feels like a blur. While the dust settles around you and you start to take stock of the situation, it can bring a lot of peace of mind knowing that the next steps will be taken care of for you by our highly trained, professional team:

  • Step 1: Your Free Repair Estimate
    Before we can figure out the repair process, we have to first assess the damage. We perform a full estimate of damages at no cost to you, documenting the full inspection process with photographs. When we have an estimate, we'll send it to you and to any involved insurance companies.
  • Step 2: Approval by Insurance
    Our team works closely with all major insurance companies to keep drivers from Chandler, AZ safely on the road. Once we make our initial estimate, we'll send it to your insurance company. Since insurance can be stressful, we're happy to spearhead the process for you. Once we get a claim from your insurance, we can take over the process entirely, all while keeping you fully in the loop.
  • Step 3: Disassembly & Placing the Parts Order
    With your insurance's approval, our team can get started removing the damaged components. We treat each Volvo vehicle as if it were our own, and we'll provide full transparency to you throughout the entire process. Once we complete the disassembly process, we can order the proper replacement parts for your vehicle.
  • Step 4: Structural Repair
    The first thing we pay attention to is the structural integrity of your Volvo V60 or Volvo S90, so if your Volvo vehicle suffered structural damage, it's not lost: our team can provide a full assessment to see what needs replaced or welded, and then we'll get to work making the necessary repairs. /li>
  • Step 5: Body Repair
    If there was any body damage to your vehicle during the accident, our team is excellent at professional respiration. We'll make sure the final product is smooth, seamless, and professional.
  • Step 6: Paint Job
    Putting the final touches to your paint job means the process is almost over. Using state-of-the-art color-matching technology, we can repair your paint job seamlessly, evenly, ensuring everything is up to our high standards.
  • Step 7: Vehicle Reassembly
    This is when we put all the finished pieces back together. We'll reassemble your repaired Volvo back to factory standards, doing what we can to make the accident a thing of the past.
  • Step 8: Detailing
    Once the vehicle is back together, our team of professionals goes through a careful detailing process, both inside and out. This can involve a deep clean of the interior, leather cleaning or conditioning, paint sealant, waxing, and more-it's our goal to make your vehicle look, feel, and smell as like-new as possible before sending it off with you.
  • Step 9: Final Inspection & Vehicle Delivery
    After all the pieces have come together, the paint has dried, the wax is on, and each item on the checklist is ticked, we'll bring your vehicle out to you in Mesa or Tempe, AZ, complete with a fully itemized list of repairs and corresponding bill. And then that's it. The whole ordeal of being in an accident is well and truly behind you.
  • Stop by our state of the art facility today to get your free estimate. Our technicians have a solid background in fixing repairs of all types so you can rest assured that it will get back to you like new. We know how much your Volvo means to you, so let us treat the car, and you, right so that you can release your worry and get your car back as soon as possible. Contact us today with any questions!


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